New Year, New Server, New Domain

Hi all!

It’s been a while since I actually wrote something on this blog, but I’ve made some serious changes, and turned ‘updating my personal blog more regularly’ one of my resolutions for 2020. I hope these changes will help me keep it up this time. Fingers crossed!

In the last month, I’ve moved this blog to a new server and host it under a new domain name (from “” to “”), updated my About page, my DH Projects page, and my Academic Resume. In the near future I’m hoping to write more about things like: how I moved this WP blog to a new server; the Summer Schools we’ve organised in the last two years (and continue to organise in the future); things I use my Raspberry Pi for (personally, and in workshops Joshua and I are teaching), conference I’m attending, etc. Maybe interspersed with some more food- and exercise blogposts along the way. We’ll see!

So stay tuned! I hope not to keep you waiting for too long.

All the best,


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