Salmon Burger with Wasabi Mayonnaise

IMG_51721Tonight we’ll be serving fish burgers. Not for strict vegetarians, but great for omnivores and pescetarians. And also not difficult to make.


  • 1 salmon filet per burger
  • Bun (1/2 chiabatta per burger)
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Spring oninons
  • Wasabi Mayonnaise
  • Japanese 7 spices powder (or chillipowder)
  • Salt & pepper

Zalmburger-020As usual, let’s start with the burgers. The advantage of fish burgers, is that you can usually just use a filet for a patty. That way you won’t have to mix all the different ingredients together yourself. Instead, just select some fresh looking (boneless) salmon filets, and sprinkle some japanese 7 spices powder on top of them. You can usually find that spice mix in asian supermarkets, but if you can’t you can just use some chilipowder instead. In that case you can use a little pepper as well, and if you have any, some black sesame seeds as a finishing touch. Again, put the ‘patty’ in the fridge for a little while, so that the spices can bland with the fish.

Zalmburger-021When the filet is ready, you can start cooking it. Unlike a tuna burger (which you usually eat somewhat rare), it’s essential that you cook salmon well. So take your time on a medium hot stove, and flip it around a few times to make sure it’s well done.

While the fish is cooking, we can make the wasabi mayonnaise. I’ve recently learned how to make this myself, without using a jar of mayonnaise. If you follow that recipe, add a few spring onions to the mayonnaise at the end as well. If you don’t (but why wouldn’t you?), just take mayonnaise out of a jar, add the wasabi and the spring onions, and you’re done. You’ll want to make enough to spread on the buns and maybe use alongside your fries.

When you’re salmon’s almost done, we can start preparing the buns. Put some lettuce on the bottom, followed by a few slices of tomatoes (not too thick), and some spring onions. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on top of the vegetables. Then put the salmon on top, and spread some wasabi mayonnaise on the top bun before you put it on the salmon. Enjoy!


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