The Lexicon in Palermo

This week on 17-18 September 2015, LexiconSE contributor Luciano Lungo and his colleagues at the University of Palermo are organizing an international conference on ‘Contemporary Knowledge in the Humanities‘, and I’m really happy to be delivering a paper there as well. In my paper, I will introduce the Lexicon of Scholarly Editing to the conference’s wider audience of humanities scholars, and zoom in on our recent endeavors to include more Italian definitions in the Lexicon, especially through its alliance with the FonteGaia project. So if you’re a student in Palermo, or you happen to be in the neighborhood, I hope you come by and say hi!

I realize I haven’t provided as many updates in the last few months, which is largely due to the fact that I’ve been finishing up my Ph.D. thesis this summer. I’ll try to make some time soon to talk some more about the exciting things that have gone on with the Lexicon!

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