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Yesterday and today, I added two new sources to the Lexicon of Scholarly Editing: “Denkt aleer ge doende zijt, … Elektronische Teksteditie.” by Dirk Van Hulle, and “…en doende, denkt dan nog. SGML, TEI en Editiewetenschap.” by Edward Vanhoutte; the two closing chapters of Editiewetenschap in de Praktijk. As their titles already suggest (at least for those of you who speak Dutch), these two chapters are actually two parts of a whole, where Van Hulle’s contribution explains the theoretical implications of scholarly digital editing on the field of textual scholarship to a Dutch speaking audience, and Vanhoutte’s does the same for the practical aspects of digital editing. In fact, the entire book (which is also edited by Vanhoutte and Van Hulle) is an important work that sought to secure a place for Flemish Textual Scholarship in the emerging field of scholarly digital editing of the time. The entire book can be accessed online, so if you read Dutch and you’re interested: go read it!

Both texts are especially useful for the Lexicon, not only because they were packed with definitions, but also because they were the first two Dutch sources that were added to our Bibliography. Together, they have given the Lexicon its first 35 definitions in Dutch, the Lexicon’s fifth official language:

definitions per language

As such, they bring the Lexicon one step closer to its aim of becoming a comprehensive (albeit never really exhaustive) multilingual resource that can be of use for textual scholars around the world.

To achieve this goal, however, we need contributors, preferably of different backgrounds, who can add definitions in different languages to the Lexicon. So I was very happy to be able to welcome a new contributor to the Lexicon last week: Elli Bleeker, a DiXiT fellow who works at the Centre for Manscript Genetics (UAntwerp) with me. Welcome to the team, Elli!

Of course, if anyone (and especially scholars who speak different languages than English) would like to join the team, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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