The Lexicon at SHARP 2014

Today, the latest edition of the international SHARP conference will take off, here in Antwerp, Belgium. It’s the 22nd edition of the annual conference of the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing. And that’s kind of a big deal for the Lexicon of Scholarly Editing too, because the conference offered me the opportunity to present the Lexicon for the first time at a formal academic event, in the form of a poster (or, more precisely, a Digital Showcase). You can find the abstract for the poster here. Personally, I’m pretty excited, and I can’t wait to present the project on Friday.

Because the session is a ‘Digital Showcase’ rather than a traditional ‘poster session’, the conference did not provide any poster boards for people to pin posters onto, to accompany their presentation. I thought that was a bit of a pity, because I can imagine that posters do a much better job attracting people’s attention at these kind of events than the simple ‘laptop on a desk’ setup does. And also because I kind of enjoyed designing my posters for DH Benelux in The Hague and DH2014 in Lausanne. So, as some of you may already have seen on Twitter, I decided to make a flyer for my presentation instead. Go ahead and check it out!

Most of the information on the flyer can be found on the website, except for the statistics, which are a more up to date version of the stats I used in my previous post. And of course, such stats become outdated as soon as they are printed: in the two days since I made the flyer, the Lexicon has passed the 1800 view mark, which has made September 2014 the Lexicon’s second best month ever in the process, with almost two weeks still to go. As I said in the flyer (and on Twitter), it is probably no coincidence that this is also the mont in which the Lexicon acquired its first official contributor (Frederike Neuber), for which I am especially grateful.

So, if you are in the neighborhood of the K building in the city of Antwerp between 12:00 and 17:00 this Friday, please don’t hesitate, but come and say hi, and get yourself a limited printed edition of the Lexicon’s flyer!


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