The Lexicon is going to Helsinki!

I’ll start off this post by picking up the thread from my previous post on the Lexicon of Scholarly Editing to share the good news that – as I was hoping – September did become the Lexicon’s best month yet. And it wasn’t a close call either: with a total of 667 views, September more than doubled the score of its runner up (May – which ended with a total of 301 views). As I suggested in my last post, I don’t doubt that this achievement was the shared result of Frederike Neuber becoming the Lexicon’s first official collaborator, and the Lexicon’s Digital Showcase at the annual SHARP conference in Antwerp this year. Thankfully, the latter was a great success: I received a lot of positive feedback, and ran out of flyers before the Showcase ended. And October had a great kick-off too: with a tweet from Wim Van Mierlo, who also put a link to the Lexicon on the ESTS website, and on his feed, October is starting to catch up with September, and has already passed September’s number of unique viewers – which is of course at least as important as the total views score.

Schermafbeelding 2014-10-21 om 10.38.47

This brings me to my second piece of good news, namely that I will also be presenting the Lexicon at this year’s ESTS conference in Helsinki that starts next week. Because a slot opened up in the conference’s programme after a cancellation, Sakari asked me if I would like to present a short pop-up presentation about the Lexicon, for which I am of course very grateful. Although the presentation is not featured in the conference’s preliminary programme yet, I’ve been told that it would probably take place on Friday in the 15:30-17:00 slot (in the afternoon of my paper on ‘Clean versus Functional Markup in Scholarly Digital Editing’).

I hope to see you there, and that this may be the perfect opportunity to bring the Lexicon as close as possible to 3000 views before it officially turns one year old on the 19th of November 2014.

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